What is CPC?

CPC is the acronym for the term Cost per click which is associated with the online marketing campaigns. It is advertisement cost model under which the advertiser needs to pay a certain amount of many to the website that advertises his link. The payment is made for every click that the advertiser receives through the advertised link. CPC is also called as PPC or Pay per click and is one of the most popular marketing campaigns that are used by the advertisers. It helps the advertised website to divert traffic to his own site and helps him to reach out to the target consumers efficiently.

The CPC model is a part of affiliate marketing where the advertiser gets to draw traffic by advertising his site on another website. The link is generally advertised by the search engines and other internet publishers and the advertiser needs to pay them for every click that they receive through that link. They are basically linked with particular keywords and when a user searches for the keyword then the advertisement also appears on the page. The cost in this case is mostly bid based wherein the advertiser need to bid for a particular keyword or web space and gets it only when he outbids his competitors.