What is CPA?

The term CPA refers to Cost Per Action and is generally used in online advertising. It is also known as pay per action or as PPA. This marketing tool is generally used by the website owners who advertise their website through it. Under this advertising model, they advertiser needs to pay only when an action in the form of purchase or submission is performed through the link. For example, if a website user clicks on the CPA advertisement and then leave the page then the advertiser need not pay anything. But if the user clicks on the link and then fills up a subscription form or makes an online purchase through the link then the advertiser needs to pay the website that advertised the link.

The CPA model of advertisement is considered to be very effective and is now being used by many website owners. Using the Cost per action model allows them to avoid click frauds and is therefore considered better than other advertisement tool. If you are looking forward to get better traffic on your website then you can contact a company that deals with online media services and can help you get CPA advertisement in your advertisement campaigns.