Setting up Advertiser Campaign

Login to your account , inside advertiser account you can see campaigns tab , click on there.

Advertiser panel

Click on the Tab Campaigns to see various campaign setup and monitoring options.

Steps for Campaign setup

* All Mandatory Setting fields are in RED to ensure quick setup.

A Tab - General Set up
general campaign setup 
Campaign setup General Tab
1. Enter Campaign Name           
2. Select Campaign Status.         
    Choose Ready -Go live on approval 
    Active       -  Live                          Deactivate - Paused               
3. Start Stop dates.
4. Enter email id for reports and select freq. of email for campaign reports.

B TAB - Delivery Set up

Delivery Setup
1. Planning - Keep delivery Open
2. If target not reached - Stop or Continue?

Select Continue, to continue campaign beyond stop date. if undelivered campaign and you want to stop with partial delivery, click on Stop.
3. Priority: Choose from 1 to 5, 5 is highest.
4. Day Time Distribution: Even/ASAP
5. Period Distribution: ASAP/Even/Optimized.
6. Delivery Schedule - This will open up option to choose from delivery slot from 7 days x 24 hrs. So, you can do exact targeting based on time.
7. Creative Rotation: If you have multiple landing pages or banners you can use this feature to optimize based on CTR, eCPM or Actions.
8. Post view Tracking.

C TAB - Pricing Set up

* Please note for bids ' , ' is used for decimal separator. So 0.75 cpm bid will be inserted as 0,75

Please note Min CPM Bids: $0,50 - for campaigns to trigger.  

CPM Section - Price setup
Select check Box on CPM before discount.
Select 15% Agency Commission if you are an agency, and 2% Cash Discount if applicable for you. Remember this will lower down your effective bid on publisher end effecting you effective spend, and is usefull only if you are an agency.

Views Booked: Mention total no of impression for the campaign
Max views: Max daily impressions per day

CPC Banner Campaign Price setup

Choose these settings same way like CPM settings, if you want to RUN a CPC Banner Campaign. Please leave them unchecked for Popup/Popunder Campaigns.

 Select Max Daily Spend Budget in USD.

D TAB - Targeting Set up

Invert Option allow you to Targeted everything else other than which is selected. Example in geo targeting when you choose Target Country India with invert option, it will target all countries except India. It works in same way with Carrier, Device, Speed, IP and other targeting options.

Geo Targeting Section

Choose which Country / City / State / Region. You would like to target

ISP/Carrier Provider 3G/4G targeting

Network Provider Targeting - Carrier Targeting option for Mobile Inventory and ISP targeting for Desktop.

Network Speed targeting 

Choose which network you want to target based on speed, choose from Analog / Modem, DSL/Cable, Company netowork & Mobile Network.

Profile Targeting

Select from options to targeted user or audience based on different profiles.

Browser targeting

Target users based on different browsers. Amazon, Chrome, Comodo, Firefox, IE, MIUI, Opera, Safari, UC and more.
Device targeting

Target Traffic based on devices they are browsing, Desktop, Smartphones, Tables and smart TV's.
Selected IP's or Range Targeting

Target traffic based on specific IP range or set of ips.

Language Targeting

Choose language you would like to target.

OS Targeting

Choose Operating System you would like to target, choose from windows (various versions), Android, Apple iOS, Apple Mac OS, Linux, Symbian and more..

Traffic Type targeting

Target Mobile Web based / InAPP inventory.
Retargeting old converted audience, and parameter targeting.

other than this, Domain URL, Keyword and App Targeting options are also available in beta testing mode.

E TAB - Optimization Set up

Freq Capping Optimization

Optimization mainly has to do with the Freq cap settings.
you can setup freq cap you prefer based on your campaign requirement, standard freq cap is 1 visit per 24 hrs, 1/24H.

Once Campaign Setup is done, we need to setup Creative for this campaign.